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Statistical Consulting:
Time Series Models (sales, forecasting and market share), Factor Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Cluster and Segmentation Analysis, Conjoint Analysis and more...
Market Research and Consulting:
Sample design, questionnaires setup, data entry, Web surveys, CATI surveys, report automation and data analysis.
Data collection systems:
CATI, CAPI, Handhelds (Palm / Pocket), multimode surveys, CAWI.
Data Entry and Data Cleaning:
Data entry performed by software created specifically for better speed and consistency of the collected data. After data-entry comes validation and quality control in accordance with the defined clearance rules.
Data Processing:
Specialized in processing statistical information and marketing, we conduct several standardization tasks, formatting and data processing, to create outputs in electronic format. We use different methodologies for data organization, regardless of the source to Ad-hoc studies as well as tracking processes.
Tabultion and data processing:
The tabulation process of market research and opinion, must meet very specific criteria according to the study objective. Is not enough having a software that enables the delivery of results, but it is necessary that the person who produces this results, have a logical reasoning, in order to assess the consistency of the information obtained.
Statistical Analysis:
With the results obtained and by applying several multivariate statistical techniques, we achieve a more objective analysis of information. We put the experience of our professionals to better service our customers, working together to add value to processed data.
After the different analysis are carried out, it is necessary to create conditions for the processed information so it can be presented in a clear and objective manner. In order to facilitate this reading, we have developed some tools to automate the reporting process, allowing for the data analysis to be carried out with greater accuracy and speed, avoiding the laborious tasks of data processing.
Market Investigation Software:
Obtaining information quickly and easy from each survey, provide the means to cross tab any question, apply filters and bases, create brand map charts, regressions, save your tabs in PowerPoint presentations and Excel tables, among others.
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