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Out of all the projects processed by us, here are some that we highlight:
Brand Tracking:
Brand awareness (spontaneous, suggested and total), main brand, custom brand, advertising recall, frequency of use, image and brand positioning, automatic coding processes, complex tabulations, creation of indirect variables and automation of chart reports.
Multivariate Analysis:
By applying various methodologies, we can help you target your audience, classify your clients, determine the value that best suits the market share you want to achieve. Methodologies to estimate the price elasticity and a simulator that allows you to analyse different scenarios.
Client's Satisfaction:
Attributes evaluation and importance scales, with which we can determine the factors that most contribute to the Overall Satisfaction of a certain product/service
Institutional Surveys and corporal sustainability.
Implementation of surveys on the web, to companies collaborators, through custom links, with and without database managements, thus ensuring your confidentiality.
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